IObit MacBooster 8 Pro

Have a Mac device that got security and performance issues? No worries, IObit MacBooster 8 Pro is the one-stop solution for Mac devices. 


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IObit MacBooster 8 Pro LifeTime

Deep System Clean up for More Space

Is your Mac device out of memory? And you can’t seem to add more stuff into it?

MacBooster scans your entire system to delete system junk, old and large files, and duplicate documents. 

Over time, such things can take a lot of your system’s memory. So, MacBooster removes these files to make extra available memory for you.

Optimizes the Mac Device for Ultimate Performance

If your Mac disk permissions are changed by you or third-party apps, it can decrease your system’s performance. Its turbo boost tab allows you to manage all the disk permissions and optimize the storage.

The Memory-Clean tab can help you see what programs are running in the background. So, you can remove the apps you don’t want right now to free up some RAM.

With the startup optimization feature, you can close the programs that come in the way of a faster startup for the system.

This way, you can optimize the Mac for ultimate performance.

100% Security for Your Mac

The risk of cyber attacks is increasing day by day because of advancements in technology. If your device doesn’t have an indestructible software shield, you may get attacked by viruses, ransomware, or malware.

But the MacBooster gives you 100% security and protects you from all types of cyberattacks. It keeps your tasks private, allowing you to surf the internet and run programs with no security concerns.

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