IOLO System Mechanic

IOLO System Mechanic has won PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award eight times. It’s the best automatic PC optimization tool in the market. System Mechanic fixes any issues related to hard drives, RAM, processor, or internet in real-time.


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System Mechanic

Automated PC Care for You

IOLO has the most advanced tools for cleaning and repairing a computer. Its most fascinating feature is automated PC care.

According to this feature, whenever your PC gets idle, the IOLO system mechanic starts working to rectify any issues related to your computer.

So, it takes care of most of the tasks by itself, and you get to have a smoother experience with minimal effort.

Thorough Cleaning of Your PC

Junk files can take a lot of space on your computer. Similarly, there can be duplicated or old files that may be adding up to junk. 

But with IOLO, you can be stress-free, or more like your hard drives can be stress-free. It can clean up to 50 types of junk files with its enhanced PC clean-up.

Boosts Performance

The main task of a System Mechanic is to boost the performance of a computer. It shows you the real-time apps and software running in the background.

You can manage each activity to free up memory and space. No need to worry about low-speed PC anymore. 

Give boost your computer’s performance through this efficient tool.

Protection from Harmful Programs

It identifies deceptive and potentially unwanted programs in real-time that may become a pain in the back and might drain the soul out of your system.

Such programs can have viruses, malware, or ransomware, so these programs must be stopped either way.

With its protect feature, you can delete this kind of resource-draining program in real-time.

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